Our company, BEAUTY GREECE TSIRIMOKOU, was founded in 1979 by the Journalist and Publisher of Beauty magazines, Mr. Dimitrios Tsirimokos and his wife, Mrs. Stella Tsirimokou.
In 1998, the Management passed into the hands of their three children: Chara, Charis and Kleopatra, who continue to this day, the successful family business.

Since its establishment, it has been active in the field of promotion and advertising of professional beauty products & services, with the main object, initially the publication of Professional Magazines and then the organization of Professional Beauty Trade Fairs “my BEAUTY GR“.


Our Trade Fairs, “BEAUTY GREECE” and “BEAUTY MACEDONIA“, are members of the Successful International Network of Professional Exhibitions of Beauty Products and Services “BEAUTY FORUM”, which have started in Germany and are held in most European countries.

They started their course in Greece in 1994, and managed from the very first years, to be recognized, as…

The Most Important Institution of the Beauty Sector, in Greece!!!

“BEAUTY GREECE” Trade Fair is taking place at MEC Exhibition Center in Peania, twice per year (every Autumn and every Spring), and respectively, “BEAUTY MACEDONIA“, Trade Fair, is also organized twice per year (every Winter and every Summer), at the Exhibition Center of HELEXPO, in Thessaloniki.

Our Exhibitions host the International Professional Beauty Conferences of “my BEAUTY GR”, at the area of “MEETING POINT”. An incomparable mix of information, continuous training and artistic inspiration, as they include interesting speeches and presentations, by the most renowned professionals in the field (from Greece and abroad), who willingly share with the audience, their knowledge & experience, but also their professional secrets.

Latest Developments, Trends & Techniques, Shows & Presentations, Conference & Contests, Exchange of Views, Market Research, Special Offers, Business Contacts & Orders, are just few of the reasons that Beauty Services Professionals (Beauticians, Make-up Artists, Nail Artists, Hairdressers, Podiatrists etc.) have highlighted the my BEAUTY GR Trade Fairs as their…

Most Important Business Dates, with the Developments of the Branch!

Our many years of experience on the requirements of the beauty branch, as well as the high sense of responsibility that characterizes our company, towards the professionals in the field, guarantees the achievement of all those factors that ensure the Absolute Success of “my BEAUTY GR” Trade Fairs.


Each of our activities, has as primary goal the satisfaction of the needs of the Professionals of the branch, but also the maximization of the commercial profit of our Customers.

Commitment of our company is the continuous development and upgrading of the quality of our services.

Our principles, that remain the same from the first day of the establishment of our company, until today, are:


In 2018, on the occasion of the anniversary of 25 years of “my BEAUTY GR” in Greece, and guided by our commitment for continuous development, we created 2 new Digital Applications:

The Certified Members Platform of the
«my BEAUTY GR» Trade Fairs, «my BEAUTY GR web»:

where each member of “my BEAUTY GR” Trade Fairs can log in (and / or new members can be register), to check and / or edit his / her details, to receive useful information about the Exhibitions (List of Exhibitors and Products, Exhibition Offers, etc.), to communicate digitally with the Organization, but also to receive the Digital Entrance Card for our Trade Fairs.


The Mobile Application (app) «my BEAUTY GR app»:
(available in Google Play & App Store)

where our members can have direct and easy access from their mobile phone, both to all the above information about “my BEAUTY GR” Trade Fairs, and to many more, such as: Exhibition Plan, Congress’s Program, Location Access, Photographic material from previous fairs, Press Releases & Announcements and of course: Login with their account on «my BEAUTY GR web» and their Digital Entrance Card.

And be assured, that we will not stop here…

An even more useful Application / Platform will be available, for ALL those who love the wonderful world of Beauty!!!!

Yours sincerely


Beauty Greece